Could /you/ run a company on 5%?

For anyone who hasn’t heard, there’s a bit of a situation regarding the VFX and animation industries. You might start seeing green screen icons on facebook; this is referring to the uproar over the apparent coverup at the Oscars, where the VFX (Video Effects) studio that did the work for Life of Pi was not mentioned - despite the fact that they went bankrupt and had to fire their artists without pay. Many other studios have done the same in recent years, because due to impossible competition and time schedules, they’re trying to survive on less than 5% profit. They’re one of the few industries without a union.

This is especially worrying to me and many of my friends, as this is one of the industries we hope to find work in - but by the time we earn our degrees, there may not be an industry left. 

For more information, here are some relevant articles:

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